Recharging During Stormy Weather

I didn’t start actively enjoying thunderstorms until I was in middle school. Before then, I had been afraid of thunder, but my Mom helped me to appreciate the weather for the scientific explosion that it is. Ever since discovering that appreciation I’ve always been calmed by stormy weather.

Depending on the day, storms, or rainy days in general, always seem to either validate my sullen moods or elate my already giddy moods. It’s on those cloudy, dreary days that I feel most connected to my family who have passed away. And I feel glad for the dry earth that desperately needs the water. People around me say that I’m strange for it, and I accept that label because it’s true that most folks love the sun.

I, too, enjoy sunny weather, but I doubly enjoy clouds and storms. It’s wild that this is my first time realizing the reason behind my love for rainy weather! Huh, well I’ll be! It’s because my Mom was wonderfully science-minded and she would share her knowledge with me on nights where it was thundering outside and I was too afraid to fall asleep.

That’s freakin’ rad! What the heck?! I just sit down nonchalantly to write a quick l’il blog post and this is what comes up? It’s amazing! Brains are wild, and I thank goodness everyday that I’m in my brain now and not any versions of past me! I have been there, done that, don’t need to do any of that again, thank you very much. Lmao!

Every day is a fresh start to be the person you want to be and I will always choose to emulate the poise and drive that my Mom had! Gosh, she really was incredibly loving and inspiring, and I miss her every day. She was my ultimate hype-woman! And her energy is something that I miss dearly and really want to share with the world!

So, if you’re experiencing some shit right now I just want to say that you can do it! I believe in you! You can do anything you set your mind to, and don’t you forget it! I’m here cheering for you and wishing you every success the world can offer you because you deserve it! And, yes, I’m saying those words for your benefit, and mine. 😉

Had to snap this pic on my way into work the other day!

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