My Relationship with Writing

As I mentioned in a previous post, writing is always something I’ve turned to when I haven’t been feeling like myself. And there have been huge chunks of my life where I didn’t even make journal entries, let alone write creatively or anything like that. And on New Year’s Eve this year I made a damned New Year’s Resolution (I rarely make those, I usually make any change necessary at any time lol) to write more! I can confidently say that I’ve written more this year than in the past couple years combined, and it’s incredibly freeing!

There are many ways that I benefit from putting words down onto a blank page, and I feel a little plugged into the collective unconscious. I allow the knowledge and techniques of the writers that I’ve read and studied flow through me. At times, it feels as though it’s my natural state to watch as the words grow on the page before me. It brings a kind of tranquility that always reminds me as to why it’s something I return to when I’m looking for comfort.

When it comes to the creative process, I find myself becoming lost in my work. Working with a fun and interesting storyline can really pull you in and just wash everything else away. Lately, it’s been a bit miserable in the world, and every summer the prominence of global warming makes itself known more than the last. The prospect of the future seems to be balancing on a high rope and I don’t know if the acrobat’s gonna make it across. At least, that’s how it is from my point of view. Sorry if that’s a little grim.

Luckily, aside from the pesky thing called inflation, things are looking a little brighter than when the pandemic first started in 2020. Like last summer, I’m able to look forward to more gatherings with friends and family which always help me to keep my spirits up. Being busy makes it ever the more difficult to discipline myself to complete my writing goals, but I make it happen because it’s something that I’m passionate about. The more I write, the better intune and honest I am with myself and, in turn, the world around me.

I meet whatever’s coming at me head-on and I’m able to channel my Mom and her awe-inspiring perseverance. I can’t wait to finally find my footing in the writing world. I’m so thankful for you, dear reader! I’m ready to dedicate myself to you! I’m sorry, I know this is moving fast, but I’ve wasted a lot of precious time and it’s time that I made up for it.

I suppose you’ll want to know more about my history of writing! Well, I never was that fabulous of a student, you see. As a kid with untreated and undiagnosed ADHD I didn’t really fit into the whole public school mold. It was a trying time for me, so after graduating with my diploma I didn’t want to continue schooling. I attended a wonderful, weeklong workshop at UW-Madison about how to write the next bestselling novel. And I learned a plethora of useful tips and tricks that I still implement in my story planning today! I fear, though, that’s about the extent of my pursuit of studying writing. Of course, I flourished in all of my English and writing classes in high school, but it sounds a bit silly to mention that in this stage of life.

All of that was a long time ago now, but I’ve never truly stopped pursuing writing and learning more about honing my craft. It makes me miss my Mom because she was a wiz when it came to editing and writing. I could always approach her with inquiries about my work where she’d have been more than happy to assist in whatever I needed. Now, I have to do it all myself! And that’s what it’s all about being an adult, right? I mean, sure, you can ask for help and hopefully some kind soul is willing to help you, but for the most part you’re on your own.

I have to move forward and love my progress, claiming for myself that this is the path I want to pursue. I know it’s what both she and my past self would have wanted for me, and I’m more than happy to honor both of them. This is a way for me to come out of myself and also be more in touch with myself all at once. It’s just the thing for me, and I hope it’s just the thing for you, too. 😊

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